Physiotherapy, Massage and Sports Injury Clinic serving Leatherhead and the surrounding areas

What We Do

At the first appointment a detailed assessment will be performed. This will involve taking a history from you of your current problem and any relevant medical history. An examination will be performed to assess, for example your movement and strength of the affected region. You will be asked to undress to your underwear if appropriate so that the affected area can be seen. Your dignity will be maintained at all times.

Following the assessment an explanation will be given to you of your symptoms and a treatment plan will be devised and discussed with you. Treatment will be started at the first appointment. Subsequent sessions will involve a short reassessment, continuation and progression of your treatment.

All assessments and treatments are on a one to one basis in your workplace.

At physioONE continual professional development is a key part of a Physiotherapists role enabling assessment techniques and treatments to be based on the latest medical research.

physioONE has a good working relationship with local GP's, consultants and specialists and would be happy to refer you to them if necessary.

At physioONE we believe in treating the individual not the condition. It is our aim to help you recover from your problem as quickly as possible and prevent its reoccurrence. You will not be pressured into more sessions than you need or can afford but in what physioONE feels is right for you.

Physiotherapy can involve a number of different treatment techniques, some of which may include: